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I. J. Merritt Str
Ibex SwStr
Ibex II IX-119
Ibis SP-3051
Ibis II AM-134
Ice Boat Str
Ice King No. 3160
Icefish SS-367
Ida StTug
Idaho ship
Idaho II BB-24
Idaho III SP-545
Idaho IV BB-42
Idalis SP-870
Ideal AMc-85
Idealia SP-125
Illinois BB-7
Illusive AM-448
Impeccable AM-320
Imperator Str
Impervious AM-449
Impetuous PC-454
Implicit AM-246
Implicit II AM-455
Improve AM-247
Impulse PG-68
Inaugural AM-242
Inca Str
Inca II Str
Inca III SP-1212
Inca IV SP-3219
Incessant AM-248
Inch DE-146
Incredible AM-249
Independence Slp
Independence II Slp
Independence III Str
Independence IV CV-22
Independence V CVA-62
India ship
Indian Island A-77
Indiana BB-1
Indiana II BB-58
Indianapolis Str
Indianapolis II CA-35
Indianola SwScStr
Indicative AM-250
Indra ARL-37
Indus AKN-1
Industry AMc-86
Inflict AM-251
Inflict II AM-456
Ingersoll DD-652
Inglis DE-125
Ingraham DD-111
Ingraham II DD-444
Ingraham III DD-694
Inmam DE-526
Ino ship
Instill AM-252
Insurgent Fr
Integrity BAT-4
Inteligent Whale sub
Intensity PG-93
Interceptor YAGR-8
Interdictor YAGR-13
Interpreter AGR-14
Intrepid ketch
Intrepid II ScStr
Intrepid III bark
Intrepid IV CV-11
Intrigue AM-253
Invade AM-254
Investigator YAGR-9
Invincible Str
Iolanda AKS-14
Iolite PYc-41
Iona YT-107
Iona II YTB-220
Ionita SP-88
Iosco SwStr
Iowa BB-4
Iowa BB-61
Iowan Str
Ipswich PC-1186
Ira Jeffery DE-3
Iredell County LST-889
Irene Forsyte IX-93
Irex SS-482
Iris Str
Iris II SwStr
Iris III
Iris IV ScStr
Iris V ScStr
Iro Str
Iron Age ScStr
Iron County LST-840
Ironsides Jr.
Iroquois StSlp
Iroquois II AT-46
Irwin DD-794
Isaac N. Seymour SwStr
Isaac Smith ScStr
Isabel PY-10
Isabela Str
Isanti Str
Isherwood DD-284
Isherwood II DD-620
Isilda Sch
Isis ScStr
Isla de Cuba Gbt
Isla de Luzon Gbt
Island Belle SwStr
Isle of Surry SP-1860
Isle Royale AD-29
Isonomia SwStr
Israel DD-98
Itara YTB-391
Itasca ScStr
Itasca II SP-810
Itasca II SP-803
Itty E. SP-952
Iuka SwStr
Iuka II AT-37
Iuka III ATR-45
Iwara YT-2
Iwara II YT-272
Iwo Jima LPH-2
Izard DD-589
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