Select the Period in US History you wish To Explore- From Explorers till today



1494- 1600 the Period when American was "discovered" by European discovers

Poco Colonies

1584-1760 The American colonies are established, from Roanoke Island th the New Netherlands


1770-1782 The Colonies rose and revolted against the British and created a new nation

Wars New Nation

1784 to 1820 A New Nation gets going a constitution is written and another war is fought

Elections Antebellum

1820-1855 The Nations grow and extends to California, but it also divides as slavery continues to divide it

A Nation Divided

1855-1865 Tensions over slavery grew to the point that once Lincoln was elected a Civil War became inevitable.

Reconstruction Industrialization

1865-1899 After the Civil War the US began a period of rapid growth. Cities grew and American Industry grew with them

TR World Stage

1900-1920 By the dawn of the century America was a world power and it started showing its power

Twenties The Twenties

It was a short period in American history but that period between 1920 and 1929 left it marks


It was the worse depression in Amercian history and lasted from 1929 to 1939

World War II

War came to Europe in 1939, but it did not arrive on American shores until December 7th 1941

Postwar Post War America The Fifties

World War II was over and the American economy roared back. It was however the period that the Cold War began .

BerlinWall The Sixties

1960-1975 Until a fateful day in November 1963 the Sixties were a period of hope and change. that changes as the Vietnam War began to dominate

Reagan American 1975-2000

The Cold War came to and end, it looked like America could live in peace

America in the 21st Century

The Century began with the worse terror attack on US soil when twin planes crashed into the World Trade Centers

MLK African Americans

The story of African American in US history.

Native Americans

The story of the Native American in US history


Women in American history. From Colonial times to today

Relevant Immigration

Immigration throughout American History