World War II

World War II was the deadliest war in world's history. Deaths are estimated to have been between 50 million and 80 million most of whom were civilians. The Russians suffered the highest number of casualties estimated at 26.6 million. Poland lost over 5.5 million, Germany lost 5.3 million, China lost over 20 million, and the Japanese 3.1 million. United States lost 419,000 and the UK lost 450,000. Among those dead were 6 million Jews killed in campaign by the Nazis to kill all of the Jews of Europe that became known as the Holocaust.

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The War Begins

Germany on the Offensive


Japan Strikes the US

Germany attacks the Soviet Union


Germany and Japan are Stopped

Midway and Stalingrad


Allies go on Offensive

North Africa, Sicily, and Tarawa


Victory Nears

D-Day, Invasion of Philipines



Germans and Japanese Surrender

1941- 1945


Reports on Naval Aviation


Personal Stories

Stories of the war