A Timeline of the Age of Exploration

The major explorers of North America. The section open with events that opened the Age of Exploration. The next major entry is all about Columbus's four voyages and the impact of his voyage. The other major explorers are covered including the destruction of the Aztec and Incas Empires. Explore Explorers by County


1005 Viking's Land

The Vikings Began Exploring the North Atlanic in 982

World Timline 1450-Age of Exploration Begins

Prince Henry Began the Age of Exploration by pushing for expeditions to new lands

1492-Christopher Columbus

Largely credited with being the first European to discover North America in Age of Exploration

Wars 1492-Columbian Exchange

The interaction between the New World and the Old changed both forever

1493 Spanish in Caribbean

The Caribbean after the Spanish Conquest

1494 Treaty of Tordesillas

This treaty divided the world between Spain and Portugal

conquistidor 1495 Conquistador

Using Conquistadors the Spanish conquered the Americas

degama 1497 Vasco De Gama Sails to India

The Portuguese reached India that to Vasco De Gama

1497 John Cabot- Rediscovered North America

On June 24th 1498, Cabot reached Labrador, which he claimed for England. .

Leon 1513 Juan Ponce de Leon- Explored Florida

Ponce de Leon explored the coast of Florida including the Gulf Coast.

NationbyNation 1513 Vasco Nunez de Balboa- Discovered the Pacific

The Pacific Ocean was reached by European explorers for the first time

1517 The Aztec Empire

The Aztec Empire Covered most of what today is Mexico

1519 Cortes Begin to Conquer Aztec

With a very small army he conquered s.

1519 Ferdinand Magellan- Circled the earth

Magellan led and expedition that circled the earth for the first time.

Evian 1519 Giovanni De Verrazano-Entered New York Harbor

New York Harbor was discovered by Verrazano

FDR 1531 Francisco Pizzaro- Conquered the Incas

The Incas Empire was conquered by the far weaker Spanish led by Pizzaro

1540 Francisco Coronado Explored the SW

The Southwest of the US was explored by Francisco Coronado

cartier 1544 Jaques Cartier- Explored St Lawrence

Cartier claimed Canada for France by exploring the St Lawrence River

1565 Hernado De Soto- Explored the Mississippi

Desoto is best known for his exploration of the Southeastern United States and his discovery of the Mississippi Rive.

Relevant 1603 Samuel de Champlain-Settles Canada

Champlain began the settlement of Canada on behalf of France.

Games 1607-Drake Circles the Earth

Sir Francis Drake circled the earth on behalf of England

Newstoday 1609 Henry Hudson- Explored the Hudson River

Henry Hudson explored the Hudson River on behalf of England

Amistad Explorers By Country

Learn what country sent which explorer

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