Years of Exploration
Accomplishments of Explorer
Bartolomeu Dias 1487-1488 Sailed Around the southern tip of Africa
Vasco de Gama 1497-1499 Sailed Around Africa to India
Pedro Alvares Cabral 1500 Sailed to Brazil
Christopher Columbus 1492-1504 Explored the Caribbean and parts of Central America
Juan Ponce De Leon- 1508-1509,1513 Conquered Puerto Rico, Explored Florida
Vasco Nunez de Balboa 1513 Discovered the Pacific
Hernan Cortes 1519 Conquered Mexico
Ferdinand Magellan 1519 Crew Circled the World
Francisco Pizarro 1531 Conquered the Incas in Peru
Francisco Coronado 1540 Explored South Western of United States
Hernado De Soto 1539--1543 Explored to Mississippi River
John Cabot 1497 Explored the East Coast Of North America
Henry Hudson 1610-1611 Explored the Hudson Bay of Canada
Henry Hudson 1609 Explored Hudson River of New York
Giovanni De Verrazano 1524 Discovered New York Harbor
Jaques Cartier 1534 Explored St Lawrence
Samuel de Champlain 1603 Explored St Lawrence, Settles Quebec