The Civil War

It was the most deadly of all American wars, over 600,000 young men gave their lives in this conflict. Historycentral presents information all the major events and battles of the war. Sections include the Causes of the war, Major Battles which is core section, Americans and much more. Just select a photo or title to go to that section

The Civil war





From the Arrival of the First Slaves to the Lincoln Election All the Events that led to the War

Major Battles and Events

From Ft Sumter to the Final Surrender all the Events and Battles are covered

America in the Civil War Period

What was it like to live in the North or the South during the Civil War

Americans in the Civil War

The different ethnic and religious groups in America are highlighted here

Biographies of Union Generals

The biographies of most of the major Union Generals are presented here

Biography of Confederate Generals

Biographies of the major Confederate Generals can be found here


What was the impact of economics on the Revolutionary War? Learn about it here

Black American Contribution of Union Inelligence

Here you can read the reports sent by General Washington to the Continental Congress

Naval Chronolgy of the War

Who were the Americans during this period? What was their ethnic background of the Americans?