Coronado Explores the Southwest

Coronado explored parts of what becomes parts of the Southwest United States. Coronado hoped to find a city of gold, which of course he never found.

Francisco Vasquez de Coronado was the governor of the New Galicia province of New Spain(Mexico). He believed the rumors that ther were cities of gold to the North In the spring of 1540 Coronado headed north into what is now Northern Mexico and southern Texas with 300 Spanish soldiers and over 1,000 natives.

The first Native American that they encountered were the Zunni pueblo. When Coronado announced that they would have to obey him or be enslaved the Zunnit responded by firing arrows at the Spanish.

After defeating the Zunni, Coronado found no gold, just a relatively poor Indian tribe. Coronado and his men then explored large parts of the Southwest, including much of what is today New Mexico and Arizona. Coronado explored the Grand Canyon. After sending the majority of his party back to Mexico, Coronado led a smaller group north to find the mythical city of Quivira. He traveled as far as what it today Kansas, only to find a poor Indian tribe. Coronado returned to Mexico, his expedition considered a failure since he had not found the mythical gold.

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