History Of Aviation

The Modern Period

Thunderjet Fighter Debuts
DC-6 Introduced
Convair Unveils B-36
Last DC-3 Produced
Bell X-1 Breaks Sound Barrier
B-47 Enters Service
Spruce Goose Flies
Berlin Airlift
Soviets Introduce MIG 15
Non Stop Around the World Flight
Stratocruiser Goes into Service
Comet's First Commerical Jet
F-86 Sabre Fighter Introduced
Airforce Goes into Action in Korea
Super Constellation Tested
US Airforce Buys Canberra
US Airforce Orders B-52
French Develop Mystere Fighter
Comet Crashes
Super Sabre Introduced
DC-7 Introduced
F-104 Introduced
Boeing Unviels the 707
Lockheed Introduces Hercules
MIG 19 Introduced
Mirage Unveiled
U-2 Tested
TU-104 Introduced
F-106 Makes First Flight
B-58 Introduced
Caravelle Introduced
Glenn Crosses US in 3 hours
DC-8 Introduced
Phantom Displayed
Pan Am Introduces Transatlantic 707 Service
New Speed Record Set
X-15 Makes First Flight

Worse Airline Disaster
Hawkeye E2A Introduced
Vertical Take Off Fighter Unveiled
Trident Introduced
Giant Sikorsy Flown
Vickers VC-10 Launched
Y-12 Flies
Boeing Introduces 727
F-111 Makes Debut
DC-9 Unvieled
Qantas Flies Non-Stop Across Pacific
Airwar in Vietnam
737 Flown
Six Day War
C5A Flown
747 Flown
Concorde Flown
DC-10 Launched
Tristar Flown
Tomcat F-14 Takes Flight
Airbus Challenges Boeing
F-15 Makes First Flight
Yom Kippur War
F-16 Flown
B-1 Flown
Boeing Unviels 747SP
A10 Enters Service
F-18 is Tested
Pan Am Aquires National
Boeing Introduces 767
Airbus 310 Introduced
Israeli Airforce Trounces Syria
Anton 124 Flown
Boeing 757 Introduced
A-320 Takes to the Air
747-400 Flown
Stealth Fighter Unvieled
B-2 Bomber Flies
MD-11 Flies
Persian Gulf
Pan Am Ceases Operation
C-17 Introduced
Boeing Introduces 777


2005- Airbus 380 Flies
2005- Delta and NW Declare Bankrupcy
2007- Boeing Rolls Out 787
2019- Second 737 Max Crashes