1958 Pan Am Inaugurates 707 Service


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Pan Am launched the era of transatlantic jet service on October 26, 1958, with the first commercial flight of a Boeing 707 from Idlewild (now JFK) to Paris Orly. The flight stopped in Gander New Foundland to refuel.

Pan Am was the first airline to order Boeing’s new passenger jet the 707. Until that time the only jet aircraft being flown were the De Haviland Comet which had a problematic safety record. Pan Am ordered 20 707’s from Boeing as well 25 DC -8 from Douglas. The first flight was made on October 17th which a VIP flight from Washington to Paris after the inauguration of the new Dulles Airport. The first flight with paying passengers took place on October 26th, 1958. The Boeing 707 transformed the air industry and became the standard aircraft for long-distance travel until being replaced by the 747