1949 Non Stop Around the World Flight




A US Army Boeing 50-A made a flight around the world. It flew for a total of 94 hours and one minute. It was refuelled in the air four times. The plane carriers its full crew of 13

At 12:21 PM, February 26, 1949 a B-50A Superfortress named Lucky Lady cammanded by Capt. James Gallagher took off from Carswell Airforce Base in Texas, heading east. It headed out over the Atlantic Ocean. AS it continued its voyage, it was met by KB-29M tankers, the first over the Azore Islands, the second over Saudi Arabia, the third at Clark Field in the Philippines, and the final time over Hickam Air Force Base in Hawaii. The plane averaged a speed of 249 MPH. On March 2 and 10:22 AM, the place landed once again at Carswell Air Force Base, making it the first plane to circle the earth non-stop.