Boeing Introduces 707



On July 15th 1954, Boeing unveiled the Dash 80 It made its maiden flight which lasted 90 minutes. It became the 707 which was the first jet to be a commercial success, and heralded the true beginning of the Jet Age in commercial aviaiton. Over 3,000 707's were sold by Boeing.

Boeing had been a successful military aircraft contractor but had a hard time competing with Douglas for commercial aircraft sales. It decided to use its expertise to design a passenger jet. It initially found airlines unresponsive and decided the best way to get them interested was to build a prototype. In early 1952 the Boeing Board gave their approval to the project. Two years later, the prototype called Dash 80 rolled out of the factory on May 15, 1954. It made its first flight on July 15, 1954. Boeing took airline executives on test flights and, after receiving feedback, made several design changes before building the first production 707 aircraft.