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The History of Aviation

Modern Era

Israeli Airforce Trounces Syria

In the course of Israel's war In Lebanon it became involved in an intense two day war with Syria. In the course of the two days the Israelis totally destroyed the advance Soviet missile system surronding Damascus. The Israeli airforce downed 81 Syrian Migs. all this was accomplished with the loss of one plane to ground fire. The Israeli airforce accommplished this with a combination of F-15 and F-16's as well as using an Israeli designed Mazlat aircraft. Israels advanced use of electronic measures superbly trained pilots and drone aircraft all contributed with what was at the time the most lopsided air victory in military history. The Israeli victory was also the first step in the fall of Communism in Europe as the Soviet defense plans for Eastern Europe were identical to those of the Syrians and Israels victory convinced the Soviet military that unless their electronics industry became more comptetative with the west their armed forces were doomed- thus they supported Perostrieka when it began.

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