The Korean War

The Korean War is the forgotten war of the 20th century. Maybe it was because it took place so soon after the end of of World War II, or maybe because it ended in a stalemate and to this day that stalemate has not been resolved. For whatever reason it was a war that no great movie(other then the TV show Mash) were done about it, there was never much discussion about it. But for the 5,720,000 US troops who served, of which 36,995 died and another 103,235 were wounded it was every bit a war.

Major Events





What were the causes of the war

June 25, 1950

The North Koreans Invasion

The war begins with an invasion


Washingtons Response

How did Washington respond to the invasion

June 30, 1950

Task Force Smith

Oe of the forces on the ground was battalion led by Colonel Smith


American Deployment

American forces began to deploy to South Korea


Walker Commander

General Walker became the commander of US troops



The American forces managed to hold the lines in Pusan



The Inchon invasion changed with face of the war

September 1950

Operation Killer

A push North by UN forces

September 25, 1950

Seoul Recaptured

Seoul was recaptured by UN forces.


The Push North

The UN forces pushed deep into North Korea.

November 1950

Chinese Intervene

The Chinese forces surprised UN forces by intervening

November 1950

Chinese Attack

The Chinese began an offensive against UN forces

November 1950


The American forces were almost trapped near the Chosin Resevoir


Ridgeway Takes Command

General Walker was killed and Genera Ridgeway too command

January 1951

The Line Stabilizes

A bill to give more Civil War veterans pensions


Operation Roundup

The UN forces began to take the offensive again

April 5, 1951

MacArthur Fired

President Truman fired General MacArthur



It became clear that a stalemate had developed


Peace Talks Begin

Peace talks begins. They lasted 3 years.

July 27, 1953

Peace Agreement

A final armistace was reached to end the war.