The major battle and events of the revoLutionary war

The following events represent the major events and battles of the Revolutionary War. From the Battle of Concord and Lexington in 1775 to Yorktown in 1781 all the major events are covered. Click on an event to learn more about it

The Event and Battles



Paul Revere

It all started with the most famous ride in American History the ride of Paul Revere. He warned the colonist


Lexington and Concord

It was the shot heard round the world. When the colonist fired on the British at Concord Bridge everying changed


Americans Capture Ticonderoga

The first offensive operation of the colonist was a success.


Bunker Hill

The British one the battle, but it was an extremelhy costly win, one that could not be sustained


British Reaction

The British were shocked by events in the colonies. They had never believed they would actual revolt


Attack on Canada

The Americans attempted to accomplish more then they could when they tried to conquer Canada


US Navy Created

The US Navy was created by an act of the Continental Congress


Common Sense Published

It was merely a pamphlet but it convinced Americans that Independence was the way to go


Siege of Boston

The Colonist surronded Boston which was occupied by the British. Eventually the British position became untenable


Declaration of Independence

It took a lot of courage to sign the declaration, for all of the signers were not traitors to the British


Battle of New York

The same day the Colonist declared their independence the British began a campaign that captured New York


Battle of Valcour Bay

The British began an offensive in the North it would end at Saratoga


Retreat Through NJ

After losing New York and then the Battle of White Plains, Washington was forced to withdraw down New Jersey


Battle of Trenton

The Americans turned the tables on the British and in a surprise attack captured Trenson


Battle of Princeton

The Americans won another victory in Princeton, after the earlier string of losses this was another good day for the colonists


British Recapture Ft Ticonderoga

The British had a victory when they recaptured Ft Ticonderoga


Battle of Brandywine

The British were victorious at this battle on the road to Phildadelphia


Battle of Germantown

The Americans failed to dislodge the British in this battle outside Philadelphia


Battle of Orinsky

The Americans were ambushed at this battle, they managed to extract themselves from the ambush


Massacre of Jane McCrea

The execution of Jane McCrea caused an outcry in the colonies and helped unite them


Battle of Bennington

The American won and important battle in Bennington.


Battle of Saratoga

It was one of the most important victories of the war. The Americans defeated a British army which was forced to surrender


Valley Forge

It was the longest winter of the war for the Americans. It was a cold winter, and the troops suffered.


Treaty of Amity With France

A key to the eventual American victory was the treaty that was signed with the French


Battle of Monmouth

American troops attacked the retreating British troops. It was difficult battle but the Americans won.


Settlers Killed at Wyoming

Tories and Native Americans attacked the Wyoming Valley and killed many of the settlers


Americans Capture Stony Point

Americans recaptured Stony Point, it was an important but small victory


John Paul Jones and the Bon Homme Richard

The US Navy could never take on the British navy head to head, so it achieved victory were they could


Siege of Charleston

After not succeeding to achieve a decisive victory in the North it decided on a Southern strategy and captured Charleson

Battle of Camden

It was a major defeat for the AmericanArmy. The British forced them to retreat in disarray


Arnold a Traitor

He became the most hated traitor in American history, and American general who sold out to the British


Kings Mountain

It was the first in a series of American victories on the Southern front


Battle of Cowpens

The second victory in a row in the South began to set the stage of the end of the war


Battle of Guilford Courthouse

The Americans won another victory when the British suffered losses to high to bear at this battle


Battle of Hobkirk's Hill

The British won a tactical victory at this battle. It failed however, to stem the momentum that was running with the Americans


Battle of Eutaw Springs

Another tactical victory but strategic defeat for the British. Their forces in the South were too weak to sustain the battle


Articles of Confederation Ratified

It was the first system of government for the colonies, now states, it was replaced by the Constitution


Battle of Yorktown

The Americans wtih French help won a decisive victory that ended the war

Treaty of Paris

The war came officially to an end thanks to this agreement negotiated in Paris