Paul REvere Ride 1774

The British planned a surprise attack on Lexington; a storage place for colonial arms. Paul Revere overheard these British plans. On April 18th, Revere rode out in the middle of the night to warn colonial militia of the approaching British.

While tension between the British forces in and around Boston and the Colonists continued to mount, no colonist had fired at British soldier that was soon to end in Lexington. The British were aware that the Colonists were stockpiling arms and munitions in Concord and General Gage was determined to seize the arms. The Colonist knew of Gages plans however, and were vigilant. Thus came about the most famous ride in American history- that of Paul Revere. Revere was among a small group of Patriots whose job it was to keep track of the movements of the British. On the evening of the 18th, the British were observed gathering. Paul Revere gave the word to light two lanterns at the North Church, thus complying with a prearranged signal, "one if by land, and two if by sea." Paul Revere then began his ride. He rode between Medford and Lexington warning almost every house along the way. During his ride he was temporarily detained by British officers, but escaped.