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H-1 St3-28
H-2 SS-29
H-3 SS-30
H-4 SS-147
H-5 SS-148
H-6 SS-149
H-7 SS-150
H-8 SS-151
H-9 SS-152
H. A. Baxter SP-2285
Haas DE-424
Habersham AK-180
Hackberry YN-20
Hackensack YTM-750
Hackleback SS-295
Haddo SS-255
Haddo II SSN-604
Haddock SS-231
Haddock II SSN-621
Haggard DD-555
Haiglar YTB-327
Hailey DD-556
Haines DE-792
Haiti Victory T-AR-238
Halawa AOG-12
Halcyon SP-518
Halcyon II SP-1658
Hale DD-133
Hale II DD-642
Haleakala AE-25
Half Moon AVP-26
Halfbeak SS-352
Halford DD-480
Halibut SS-232
Halibut II SSG-587
Hall DD-583
Halligan DD-84
Halloran DE-305
Hallowell PF-72
Halsey DLG-23
Halsey Powell DD-386
Halstead PF-76
Hamblen APA-114
Hambleton DD-445
Hamilton Sch
Hamilton II DD-141
Hamilton County LST-802
Hamlin CVE-15
Hammann DD-412
Hammann II DE-131
Hammerberg DE-1015
Hammerhead SS-364
Hammerhead II SS(N)-663
Hammondsport AKV-2
Hamner DD-718
Hamond PF-73
Hampden Brig
Hampden County LST-803
Hampshire County LST-819
Hampton SP-3049
Hampton II PCS-1386
Hampton III APA-115
Hamul AK-20
Hancock Sch
Hancock II Fr
Hancock III AP-3
Hancock IV CV-19
Hanford PC-1142
Hank DD-702
Hanna DE-449
Hannah Sch
Hannam PF-77
Hannibal AG-1
Hanover APA-116
Hansford APA-106
Hanson DD-832
Haraden DD-183
Haraden II DD-585
Harcourt ScTug
Harcourt II LX-225
Harder SS-257
Harder II SS-568
Hardhead SS-365
Harding DD-91
Harding II DD-625
Hargood PF-74
Harjurand ARS-31
Harkness YMS-242
Harland PF-78
Harlan R. Dickson DD-708
Harlequin AM-365
Harman PF-79
Harmon DE-72
Harnett County LST-821
Harold C. Thomas DE-21
Harold J. Ellison DD-864
Harrier AM-366
Harriet Lane SwStr
Harris AP-8
Harris County LST-822
Harrisburg ScStr
Harrison Sch
Harrison II DD-573
Harry E. Hubbard DD-748
Harry E. Yarnell DIG-17
Harry F. Bauer DM-2ff
Harry L. Corl ADP-108
Harry Lee AP-17
Hart II DW-594
Hartford ScSlp
Hartley II DE-1029
Harvard ScStr
Harvard II SP-209
Harverson DE-316
Harvest bark
Harvest Moon SwStr
Harvest Queen SP-1215
Harwood DD-861
Haskell APA-117
Hassan Bashaw Brig
Hassayampa AO-145
Haste PG-92
Hasting SwStr
Hastwiana YTB-512
Hatak YTB-219
Hatfield DD-231
Hatteras SwStr
Hatteras II Str
Hauoli SP-249
Haven AH-12
Haverfield DE-393
Havre PCE-877
Hawaii CB-3
Hawaiian NOTS
Hawk IX-14
Hawk II AM-133
Hawk III YMS-362
Hawkbill SS-366
Hawkbill II SS(N)-666
Hawke Slp
Hawkins DD-873
Haynsworth DD-700
Hayter DE-212
Hazard AM-240
Hazel SP-1207
Hazel II YN-24
Hazelton SP-1770
Hazelwood DD-107
Hazelwood II DD-531
Healy DD-672
Heath Hen AMC-6
Heather LHT
Hebe SP-966
Hecla bomb brig
Hector II AC-7
Hector III AR-7
Hecuba ARS-12
Heed AM-100
Heekon YT-141
Heermann DD-532
Helen Sch
Helen Baughman SP-1292
Helen Euphane SP-403
Helena Gbt
Helena II CW-50
Helena III CA-75
Helena I SP-24
Helenita SP-210
Helenita II YP-2230
Helianthus SP-585
Helios ARB-12
Heliotrope SwStr
Helm DD-388
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