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Major Events in Israel and the Middle East
A Daily Analysis

By Marc Schulman
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December 31, 2008--Day Five of War with Hamas, Hamas Strikes Beersheva, Ground Forces Await Better Weather

December 30, 2008--Day Four of Attack, Talk of Possible Ceasefire, Mubarak Places New Condition on Opening of Border

December 29, 2008--Day Three of Attack, Israel Expands Target List, Ground Attack to Come, Nasrallah Crosses a Line

December 28, 2008--Israel Attacks Tunnels, Hamas Fires Less Missiles- Ground Action Expected

December 27, 2008--Israel Launched "War" Against Hamas in Gaza- Achieves Tactical Surprise

December 25, 2008--IDF Prepares to Act- The New York Times Fails to Report Hamas Rocket Attacks

December 24, 2008--70 Rockets Fall on Southern Israel, IDF Action Imminent

December 23, 2008--Eyes on Gaza- West Bank Economic Progress

December 22, 2008--Hamas Held a One Day Ceasfire, Gaydemak Leaves Israel a Much Poorer Man

December 21, 2008--Qassams on the South, Russia Delivers Missiles to Iran, ElBardei Give Interesting Interview to Arab Press

December 19, 2008--FAA Drops Israel Safe Status, Iran Pushes for Truce End

December 18, 2008--Hamas Annouce End of Ceasefire, Kadima Primary Results?

December 16, 2008-- Worst Bus Accident in Israel's History-
Negotiations with Syria Make No Practice?

December 14, 2008-Will the Ceasefire Continue? Shalit Talks at a Standstill and Controversy Over Private Israeli School Set to Open.

December 11, 2008-Feiglin Lose Place For Moment- Will Ceasefire End Next Week?

December 9, 2008-Fallout from Primaries, School Test Scores

December 8, 2008-Likud Primaries- Rightest Gain Power

December 4, 2008-Jewish Rampage in Hebron.

December 3, 2008- Hebron Confrontation

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