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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

December 16, 2008-- Worst Bus Accident in Israel's History-
Negotiations with Syria Make No Practice?

News in Israel was dominated by the horrific accident that took place on the road to Eilat. At least 24 Russian tour agents were killed when their bus driver lost control of his vehicle. The bus veered off the road and plunged into a ravine. It was the worst road accident in Israel's history. Those who have ever driven on any of Israel's secondary roads realize it has truly been a miracle an accident of this magnitude had not happened earlier.

Reports surfaced today on the state of Israel's negotiations with Syria. Based on recent reports, it would seem nothing has been accomplished during these negotiations. The Syrians refuse to agree to changing their basic relations with Iran and Hezbollah. Olmert has refused to come to an agreement over the borders, the bottom line much talk but no progress.

Tomorrow is the Kadima party primary. This primary does not seem to be engendering a great deal of interest other than to those running. The major question is how many of Shaul Mofaz's supporters will be elected to realistic positions on the party list.