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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

December 9, 2008-Fallout from Primaries, School Test Scores

The fall out from yesterday's Likud primaries continued today. Much of the news coverage surrounded the place won by Moshe Feiglin. One Netanyahu's "stars-" Uzi Dayan, who was not elected to a realistic position, stated today that the difference between Feiglin and the more moderate sectors of Likud comes down to two things- First, Feiglin believes in a state ruled by Halacha (Jewish law). Second, Feiglin believes in "transfer". Will this list have any effect on the public? That remains a big unknown.

Meanwhile, the state of the Israeli educational system came into focus again today when the National Educational Test Results were published. 8th graders scored 44% in Math 58.4% in English and 56.5% in Science and Technology. However, the test scores of the 4th graders were somewhat better.