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Major Events in Israel and the Middle Easts
A Daily Analysis

By Marc Schulman

November 28, 2008- The Terrror Attack a Jewish/Israeli Perspective.

November 27, 2008- Terrorist Attack in India, Olmert Hangs Tough

November 26, 2008- Olmert Indicted, Ultra Orthodox Shut Out of Jerusalem Municipal Government

November 24, 2008- Tentative Cesefire in Gaza, Political Capaign in Swing

November 20, 2008- Likud Opens Lead over Kadima

November 17, 2008- Qassam Fall on Negev/ Landau Leaves Likud

November 16, 2008- Qassam Once Again Land on Sederot

November 12, 2008- Secular Candidtate Wins to Become Mayor of Jerusalem

November 9, 2008- 10,000 KristalNacht/ Rabin Assasination Two Different Lessons of Jewish History

November 7, 2008-Qassams Continue to Fall on the South

November 5, 2008- Israeli Media's View of Obama Election

November 2, 2008- Fear of Right Wing Violence and Election Developments

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