Israeli News: A Daily Analysis
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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

November 16, 2008- Qassam Once Again Land on Sederot

Qassam rockets have once again been raining down on Sderot. Both sides claim they want to continue the ceasefire, but neither side wants to back down. Observers believe that after another day or two of continued exchanges it will be nearly impossible to stop the firing. The cabinet met today, and as would be expected in the middle of an election campaign, when members of the cabinet are on different sides, the message was muddled and contradictory. Olmert threatened military action, while Barak stated it would be in Israel's interest to continue the ceasefire. The army is worried about two scenarios, the first being forced to take actions that will be temporary in nature and will not have any impact. They are also worried about being forced to take military action for political reasons.

Ami Ayalon announced today that he was resigning from the Labor Party. Ayalon had competed with Barak to head the labor party. Ayalon is expected to form a list with Rabbi Melchoir of Meimad. Labor certainly looks like a sinking ship.