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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

November 24, 2008- Tentative Cesefire in Gaza, Political Capaign in Swing

It seems a tentative cease fire is taking hold in Gaza. Israel had made it clear that if the Qassams stop, they will allow the resumption of shipments to Gaza. So far Israel has resumed limited shipments of diesel and the number of Qassams being fired has radically decreased. Both sides seem want to reinstate the cease fire.

The political campaigns are in full swing. Shas spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadia Yoseph spoke of the need for Shas to take over the educational ministry. He called the teachers in the secular school donkeys, since they do not know how to teach any Jewish subjects. Kadima immediately tried to make political capital accusing the LIkud of willingness to sell out to Shas . Of course, Netanyahu made it clear that the Likud would hold on the Education Ministry and not give it to anyone.

Meanwhile, Minister of Defense Barak has made a populist call for the government to guarantee the pension value of those whose pensions funds have gone down due to the dropping values of stocks. Histardrut Chairman Offer Eini has threatened a general strike if the government does not guarantee the pensions. The government has offered a guarantee going forward but the Histadrut want a program that will cover past losses. When asked where it the world that has ever been done, Eini could not answer and just said that this is Israel.