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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

November 28, 2008- The Terrror Attack a Jewish/Israeli Perspective.

It was hard to watch the Israeli news about the event in India. Frankly, I found myself teary eyed watching it. Once again Jews have been attacked and killed because they were Jewish. Watching the news (it was covered live on Israeli television for many hours) it was hard not to realize how different the Jewish world is thanks to the existence of the IDF. It did not help those in Chabad center, since the Indians did not allow Israel to send help. It was very hard to watch the incompetence of the Indians. They violated every rule of hostage rescue. Public show, no contact, and incompetence. The Indian "elite" unit took 12 hours to retake one house. They announced their arrival noisily by landing on the roof. They refused to try to establish communication with the terrorist, even though it's the most basic principal try to get intelligence by speaking to them. Watching the "elite" troops fire at the house by raising their guns above their heads and firing in the direction of the house was painful. Why did it take 12 hours to take a house? It seems (according to reports in Israel at 8 PM) hostages were killed in the final minutes by the terrorist before they themselves went down. I guess the Rabbi Gavriel and Rivka Holtzberg did not stand a chance.

The Indians were up against well-trained and highly armed forces. The first group came to Mumbai six months ago to scout out the targets. The remainder of the terrorists debarked a ship (some reports say Saudi) and came ashore well armed in rubber boats. They were will coordinated knew their targets, and opposed to the Indians, had design layouts of the buildings they were attacking. One of those captured was a British citizen of Pakistani origin. I believe that this was clearly an Al Qaeda attack. The Indians are centering their anger at Pakistan, a natural instinct. This is exactly what the terrorist wanted, they do not want any sort of rapprochement between India and Pakistan so they can concentrate on terror. The amount of planning shows the clear marks of Al Qaeda, and it is in their strategic interest to simultaneously undermined a pro-western country such as India while increasing tensions between India and Pakistan