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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

November 27, 2008- Terrorist Attack in India, Olmert Hangs Tough

All eyes in Israel have been turned to India for the last 24 hours. The Muslim terror attack that targeted many locations in Mumbai also targeted the Chabad center, which is one of the highest profile Jewish targets in India. The latest news is that the Israelis in the Chabad center have been rescued. There is no final word on some of the other Israeli hostages taken at the cities hotels.

Once again, it was Muslim terrorists that brought a major city of the world to its knees and killed scores of people, and once again Jews were one of the targets of the attack. Initially, the fear in Israel was that the attack on the Chabad center was the long expected retaliation for the killing of Hezbollah's Imad Fayez Mughniyah in Syria this past February. Obviously this turned out to be part of a larger plan, a plan of course that seems impossible to fathom.

The Israeli judicial world was shocked by Prime Minister Olmert's harsh response to his indictment. The leadership of Kadima demanded that Olmert take a vacation right now. The opposition is happy with Olmert staying in office, thereby stopping Kadima Chairperson and Minister of Foreign Relations Livni from becoming acting Prime Minister. Apparently, based on the warm interaction between them, Olmert clearly would prefer to see Netanyhu become Prime Minister than help Livni. It seems that the police are now going to recommend a second indictment against Olmert. It is now up to State Prosecutor Mazuz to step up to the plate and tell Olmert he must step away. Observers do not believe that Olmert will step down, but somebody needs to end this unprecedented nightmare of corrupt and indicted man still walking around as Prime Minister.