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Major Events in Israel and the Middle Easts
A Daily Analysis

By Marc Schulman

September 29, 2008- US Defense System in Israel

September 25, 2008- Assassination Attempt on Left Wing Israeli Professor- Coaltion Talk Continues

September 24, 2008- Peres Responds to Ahmedinejad - Terror Broken Up In E Jerusalem

September 23, 2008- Ahmedinejad at the UN, Coalition Talks Proceed

September 22, 2008- Terrorist Attack in Jerusalem- Livni Gets Nod From President To Form Government

September 21, 2008- Olmert Resigns

September 18, 2008- Livni Wins Primary

September 14, 2008- Kadima Primaries

September 7, 2008- Police Recommend Indictment of Olmert

September 2, 2008- Assad Continues to Reap Peace Dividend Without Making Peace

September1, 2008- Livni Leads in Kadima Race

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