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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

September 14, 2008- Kadima Primaries

The Kadima primaries are on Wednesday. As of this moment, Livni is leading Mofaz by between 15-20%. Mofaz is now claiming that if he is elected he will be able to put together an alternative government. He claims he can do that even though he will not agree to returning the child allowances that Shas wants. Shas repudiated Mofaz's claim. Today, Shas' El Yishai stated that it would not enter into any agreement with a government that is willing to discuss a change in the status of Jerusalem. Mofaz keeps going back and forth from the question of allowances for children and to the question of Jerusalem.

Haim Ramon threw a little oil on the political fire today when he introduced a resolution to the government to give settlers on the other side of the seperation wall compensation if they are willing to move now. His plan would give up to 1.5 million shekels to those willing to move. He claims that about 15,000 of the 60,000 would be willing to move. Ramon states that nothing would prove that Israel really accepts a two state solution more than taking action to move settlers out.

Last week I only posted my Israel update once. I am happy to say, the reason for my lack of postings was that there haD been no news worth writing about. The Israeli news these last few days could have been exchanged for the local news broadcast of any network located in a major city. Israel has been riveted by the tragic killing of a 4 year old girl, by her grandfather. The broadcasts have been full of the news of the attempted assassination in the other world, and other crime stories. One of the leading news story in Israel has been the involvement of Israeli scientiests in starting the new collider in Geneva.

I few article worth reading:

Even Amoung the Ultra-Orthodox.

An interesting article that shows that the drop in the child support is dropping the number of kids that both the Ultra Orthdodox and the Arabs are having. Exactly the goal!

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