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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

September1, 2008- Livni Leads in Kadima Race

The Kadima primaries are rapidly approaching and Minister of Foreign Affairs Tzpi Livni seems comfortably in the lead. Livni lead among women is particularly striking, with a lead of 44 to 13 against Minister of Transportation Shaul Mofaz. Among men, her lead is only 35-26. Women make up 45% of the primary voters in Kadima. Mofaz's election strategy is not working. He was told by his consultants, led by Republican election consultant Arthur Finkelstien, that the candidate that has seemed stronger has always won Israeli elections. Thus Mofaz's speeches have always been only about defense (also the only thing he knows). That is not working against Livni. Finkelstein has now turned to the next item in his bag of tricks: negative campaigning. Mofaz now attacks Livni at every opportunity. According to reports, the Mofaz team iis trying its best to find dirt on Livni. Unfortunately for Mofaz, they have had little success. Kadima voters are being influenced by the polls that show that in a general election Livni siphons a large number of votes from Labor.