Israeli News: A Daily Analysis
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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

September 25, 2008- Assasination Attempt on Left Wing Israeli Professor- Coaltion Talk Continues

An assassination attempt took place today against a leading Israeli academic who has been identified with the Israeli Peace movement. The attack only injured Prof. Zeev Sternhel. The attackers left behind a pamphlet that offered 1,100,000 to any one who killed a member of Peace Now. The attack which was similar to attacks on peace activists 20 years ago has brought back concerns of the days we hoped had ended with the assassination of Rabin.

Coalition negotiations continued today, and seem to be preceding rapidly. A meeting was held today between Shas and Kadima and by all accounts the meeting was successful. Commentators are surprised how well the negotiations have been going.

Israel presented a new list of Palestinian prisoners it was willing to release in return for freeing Shalit. Hamas rejected the new list that included 450 soldiers, including many who have blood on their hands. Hamas has decided it's not in its interest to reach an agreement.