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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

September 24, 2008- Peres Responds to Ahmedinejad - Terror Broken Up In E Jerusalem

Israeli President Shimon Peres responded to the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's speech at the UN today. Of course it was not covered on CNN or any other television network. Peres spoke in English. He attacked Iran for being the major impediment to peace. He underscored how the Iranian President had in fact taken a page from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion claiming the Jews were controlling everything.

It turns out that the attack in Jerusalem two nights ago was not a long term planned attack. Instead, it was the result of a man whose request to marry his cousin was spurned. When he heard, he decided to go out and run over some Jews in West Jerusalem. Its hard to know how to evaluate that. Meanwhile, a terror wring in Jerusalem which had attacked border policemen, was broken up today. The cell seems to have been completely independent, not reporting to or receiving support from anyone. That is clearly worrisome.

In Lebanon there are more and more signs that Hezbollah is on the rode to a complete takeover of the country. Hezbollah has been having sulchas (peace meals) with leading Druze families and is on the verge of giving their full support to Hezbollah. 

In advance of the New Year the Israeli Government Statistics Center released a few interesting statistics. 28% of Israelis are under 14 compared to 17% on average in western countries. Only 10% of Israelis are over 65 compare to a western average of 15%. The average Israeli women lives to be 82.5 years of age, while men live to be 79. There were 44,685 marriages and 13, 439 divorces in Israel last year. 151,000 children were born this past year.