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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

September 29, 2008- US Defense System in Israel

A major, albeit almost unnoticed, change occurred in American Israeli relations last week. An American radar and communications center with American personell arrived in Israel for permanent basing. This radar and communication system is tied directly to US's world-wide satellite system. The system is considered a parting gift from the Bush Administration to stop Israel from attacking Iran. The system gives Israel the ability to see an Iranian missile launch in real time. Until now Israel was able to identify an Irananian missile half way through its flight-leaving six minutes for the Chetz to intercept. The new system gives Israel 12 minutes, which will allow multiple Chetz attempts. This dramatically increases the odds for the Chetz interception to be successful. Of course, there is a downside, Israel's hands will be somewhat tied by having US forces permanently stationed in Israel.

Olmert opened his mouth up today and seems to have caused potential damage. In his statement extending the term of Meir Dagan as the head of the Mossad, he stated historians will long record the accomplishments of the Mossad in the last two years. Less said the better.

Olmert gave a controversial interview to the Yediot newspaper today in a traditional Rosh Hashanah interiew. In it he stated that the only way to reach peace was to return all the territories acquired in 1967, including East Jerusalem. Of course the real question has always been, even if Israel does indeed pull out of all the territories, will the Arabs ever really be willing to agree to true peace.

The bombing in Syria Saturday is clearly not Israel's work. It's not Israel's type of action. Some observers believe it may have been an accidental explosion. It seems that the place the explosion took place is where Syria prepares its famous car bombs that have gone off in Lebanon on a semi-regular basis.