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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

September 23, 2008- Ahmedinejad at the UN, Coalition Talks Proceed

I just had the pleasure of watching the Israeli news commentator report today, in advance of reactions to Ahmedinejad speech in New York. After watching the comments in their entirety (ok, at the very end my DVR started breaking up), it is sad to relay that Ahmedinejad has once more been successful in getting central stage in the Big Apple. Yesterday's protest rally staged by the Conference of Presidents and other major Jewish organizations was shown on TV. However, the correspondent lamented what today would bring. He sure was correct. Was president Bush's speech carried live on CNN?, Will Shimon Peres' speech be shown? No, but Ahmedinejad's tirade was broadcast. Tonight Ahmedinejad will appear on Larry King Live. In his speech Ahmedinejad gave his normal harangue against the west and the "Zionist Entity". He claimed that the American age is coming to an end. He also added his opinion that a small cabal of Zionists have undue influence on the financial and political centers of the world. Why is CNN giving this man their stage?

Coalition talks continued in Israel today. Ehud Barak made it official... He is willing to enter into a coalition headed by Livni. Netanyhu stated that he would not enter the government. Now it is mostly up to Shas. The current sense among Israeli commentators is that Livni will succeed in creating a coalition.