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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

November 17, 2008- Qassam Fall on Negev/ Landau Leaves Likud

More Qassams reigned down on the Negev today. Was this the final salvo, or just another day of firing? I guess we will find out tomorrow.

The Israeli news was dominated by the assassination of the head of the Israeli underworld, Ya'akov Alperon. The has been a culmination of series of underworld assassinations that have rocked Israel in the past few months. Today's assassination came in the form of a car bomb, and as one observor called it, how is that different then terrorism?

In election news, Uzi Landau announced he was leaving the Likud to join Yisrael Beitenu. He said he was doing this despite the differences in his beliefs on the peace process and those of Yisrael Beitenu. Landau believes in territorial compromise, while the whole basis of Yisrael Beitenu is the opposition to any compromise. There are many explanations for this move floating around, and one that Netanyahu is planning a wide ranging peace initiative with Syria. Another explanation relates to the statement that MK Lieberman made that the public should not think that Yisrael Beitenu prefers a coalition with Netanyahu over Livni. This could mean that although Israel Beitenu is closer to Likud on issues of territorial compromise, it is closer to Kadima on issues of civil rights and secular religious relations. Of course there could be a simple solution. Landau was given the second place in the Yisrael Beitenu list, thus if they become a member of a coalition government, he is almost guaranteed a cabinet post.