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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

December 4, 2008-Jewish Rampage in Hebron.

The army took action and cleared the "contested house" in Hebron. The army achieved total tactical surprise and was able to clear the house with a minimum effort. The tactical surprise did not surprise me. After posting last night’s update I listened to Haboker Hazah (This morning) and after listening to the interviews on the show, I was convinced that some sort of compromise would be reached and the army would not evict the settlers. The settlers seem to have reached the same conclusion and lowered their guard. In the course of the morning Defense Minister Barak came to a very different conclusion. He concluded that the settlers were not really interested in reaching a compromise, but were merely trying to delay the evacuation. He thus gave the order to clear the house and the army found the best time to do it.

The settlers in the house were robbed of their goal of extracting a high price for the evacuation. Instead the settlers started to attack random Arab houses. They burned cars and attacked individual Arabs. One Israeli newspaper reporter described the attack as a pogrom. The settlers seem intent on forcing a Palestinian response. It would seem that Hamas and the extreme settlers share one interest, proving that Jews and Arabs cannot coexist. It is time to treat the members of these extreme movements equally. The Jewish terrorists need to be rounded up with the same ruthlessness that we round up Hamas members. They are more dangerous to the long-term survival of the Jewish State than Hamas is.

The labor party held its primary yesterday. The winners were the younger newer members of the party. The first on the list (before all the votes were counted) is MK Herzog followed by Pines-Paz and Bravermen. This is not your "fathers" labor party.