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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

December 22, 2008--Hamas Held a One Day Ceasfire, Gaydemak Leaves Israel a Much Poorer Man

Hamas announced a one-day ceasefire today. The stated reason was a response to the request of the Egyptians who stated they would only be able to send relief supplies to Gaza if there was a truce. In an interview today, a Hamas spokesman on Israel Channel 1 stated explicitly that Hamas would like to renew the ceasefire. It's not clear whether this is merely a propaganda move, or a real fear on the part of Hamas that they may be over playing their hands. Hamas seems well aware that in the midst of an election campaign the Israeli leadership cannot possibly allow additional shelling to go on without a strong response. Their ceasefire did not, of course, cover the Islamic Jihad that still fired three rockets into Israel. It's unclear what will happen tomorrow.

Gaydemak has given new meaning to the term how to be a millionaire in Israel-- start with a Billion. He left Israel yesterday after posting a 2 million dollar bond. He sold his villa in Herzilia to put up the money. In reflection of what might be Israel's real estate market beginning to collapse, the house was on sale originally for $5 million. Last week it was down to $4 million, to sell it he had to accept $2 million. No one knows how much money he lost on his investments in Israel, but it is a large number.