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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

December 8, 2008-Likud Primaries- Rightest Gain Power

The Likud party held its primary today. The results were not the ones Benjamin Netanyahu had hoped. Netanyahu had worked hard to keep Moshe Feiglin off the list. Not only did Feiglin win enough votes to realistically receive a position in the next Knesset (#19 on the Likud list), Feiglin also succeeded in getting all those whom he worked on their behalf to be elected. Feiglin's views are considered far right, and he has stated that his goal is to return Likud to its "right-wing roots". The new Likud list includes a number of those who were considered the rebels who revolted against Netanyahu previously. The elected list is clearly a list that puts Netanyahu on the political left side of the ticket. If Netanyahu forms a government he will find it nearly impossible to negotiate with either the Palestinians or the Syrians. A number of the people who Netanyahu publically supported and hoped would be elected were not. They include former basketball star, Tal Brodie, and the grandson of Zeev Jaabotinsky.

The primary results of Likud should give Kadima a serious shot in the arm. Kadima will depict the Likud as the party of Feglin, "a far rightist party that should not be allowed to rule." The expectations are that Likud will lose at least 4 seats due to the nature of the list; some think the loses may be higher.