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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

December 11, 2008-Feiglin Lose Place For Moment- Will Ceasefire End Next Week?

Likud leader Bibi Netanyahu won a victory today inside Likud party when the Elections committee reversed itself and dropped the position of Moshe Feiglin to an unrealistic position in the list. Feiglin will now appeal to the Likud court. The core of the controversy is whether the positions that were reserved for women have to be given to women, even though women received higher places on the list. On the night of the election the decision was no, today the answer was yes.

Today Netanyahu met with the ambassadors of all the European nations, to try to reassure them that his government will continue the peace process. The meeting was described as correct.

Tzpvi Livni was accused of moving rightward, by giving a speech that stated that after a Palestinian state is created the Arabs of Israeli national aspirations??? She made it clear that Arabs should continue to receive full legal rights in Israel but their national homeland would be the Palestinian state. I find it hard to find fault in that.

The six-month ceasefire with Hamas officially ends on December 19th. The army is preparing for that date, with the assumption that the ceasefire will indeed end then. Reserve units have been called up to - Hide quoted text - train for the possibility that they will be forced to enter Gaza. Most observers believe that Hamas wishes to maintain the ceasefire and the December 19th date is not significant, but time will tell.

A precedent was set this week, when insurance representatives from the government visited all of the Arab houses that were damaged by the settlers. Each of them will receive payments for all the damages next Sunday.