Art in All of Its Forms in Europe 1485-1900

1485-Botticielli Paints "The Birth of Venus"
1498-Da Vinci Paints "The Last Supper"
1503-Da Vinci Paints "Mona Lisa"
1508-1516-Michelangelo Paints the Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel
1540-First Known Native American Composition
1540-1559-Ethiopian Music Notation
1564-Michelangelo Dies
Mid 1500s-Development of Kun Opera (Kunqu) in China
1556-First Music Book Printed in the New World
1562-Tan Sen Made Court Musician in India
1565-Palestrina Composes "Missa Papae Marcelli"
1588-Rakuware Pottery Developed
1597-Shakespeare's "Love's Labour's Lost" Published
1603-Kabuki Theatre Begun
1607-"Orfeo" Performed
1614-El Greco Dies
1616-William Shakespeare Dies
1630-Fictional Character Don Juan Appears
1669-Rembrandt Dies
1672-Admission Was Charged for a Concert
1673-Moliere Dies
1675-Vermeer Dies
1721-Bach Composes "Brandenburg Concertos"
1741-Handel Composes "The Messiah"
1745-Jonathan Swift Dies
Mid 1700s-Music School Established in Mexico
1786-First Production of "Le Nozze di Figaro"
1787-1798-Amar Singhs Reign Brings Transformation of Carnatic Music
Early 1800s-Development of Peking Opera in China
1808-Beethoven's Fifth Completed
1814-"Pride and Prejudice" Authored by Jane Austen
1827-William Blake Dies
1828-De Goya Dies
1839-Solomon Sulzer Publishes Schir Zion
1842-Two Major Orchestras Founded
1843-John Trumball Dies
1847-Bronte Writes "Wuthering Heights"
1859-Washington Irving Dies
1862-Mighty Russian Five Formed
1865-"Alice's Adventure in Wonderland" Published
1867-"Blue Danube Waltz" Presented
1869-First Nationalist Composition in Brazil
1870-Charles Dickens Dies
1876-Ring Cycle Premieres
1881-Dostoevski Dies
1883-Manet Dies
1890-Van Gogh Dies
1894-Robert Louis Stevenson Dies
1894-Debussy Composes "Prelude a Lapres-midi Dun Faune"
1897-Nkosi Sikelel iAfrica Composed