Major Events in Israel and the Middle East 2018

Updated a couple of times of the week this update covers the most important events taking place in Israel and the Middle East. It is authored by Marc Schulman- You can share the direct URL

12/24/18 Netanyahu Calls New Elections

12/19/18 Trump and Syria- Netanyahu Legal Troubles Mount

12/10/18 World Jewry and Israel What is Going Wrong

12/3/18 -Netanyahu's Difficult Day

11/26/18 - Elections within the next 12 months are for sure- but many questions remain

11/16/18 - Did Netanyahu make a mistake accepting a ceasefire

11/12/18 Hamas launched 460 rockets on Israel

11/04/18 Rabin Memorial Lessons For Israel and America

10/22/18 American Jews and Israel- The GA

10/17/18 Are We Close to War?

10/9/18 Self Inflicted Wounds

10/3/18 This One is About America

9/23/18 Russia Blames Israel

9/17/18 A Sour New Year

9/7/18 The Jewish Year ends on an UP

8/24/18 Trumpgate Comes to Israel

8/17/18 A Concern for the Future

8/10/18 Almost a war again, what to do about Gaza?

8/1/18 Druze Protest- What Does it Mean?

7/27/18 Not a Normal Country

7/19/18 What is driving illiberal laws in Israel and worldwide?

7/13/18 Short Term Gain Long Term Pain?

7/5/18 Israel Sets up Defacto Security Zone for Refugees

6/27/18 War or Peace with Hamas in Gaza?

6/19/18 Israeli Economy Soars

6/7/18 Israel is a very complicated place

5/30/18 After a day of firing along the Gaza border what happens next?

5/25/18 Trump, Netanyahu and the Future of Israel

5/15/18 Israelis Celebrate While Gazans Die, A Very Strange 10 Days

5/11/18- Israel Attacks Iranian Postition in Syria- The Background

5/9/18 Trump Exits From Nuclear Accord- What Does it Mean for Israel

5/6/18 Israel Warns of a Planned Iranian Attack

5/1/18- In a PR Stunt Netanyahu Drives the Country Crazy

4/30/18 Why the US Should Not Pull Out of the Iranian Nuclear Agreement

April 23, When Can You Criticize?

April 15, Mission Accomplished?

April 11, 2018 Yom Hashoah and Syria

April 2, 2018- The Awful Problem of Gaza

March 21, 15 Years Since the Iraq War

March 5, Bibi Situtation Gets Worse

February 21, Netanyahu's Worsening Situation

February 19, 2018 What is Going Wrong

February 13, 2018 Police Recommend to Indict Netanyahu

February 10, 2018 Israel and Iran Clash Directly

February 8, 2018 Netanyahu Attacks the Police

February 1, 2018 The Republican Democratic Divide

January 25, 2018 A week of "non diplomacy"

January 18, 2018 Chances of Peace Go From Low to Zero

January 11,2018 Trump and Bibi and Migrants

January 3, 2018 Trumps Tweets about Palestinians

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