3/5/18 Netanyahu's Future is looking Even Bleaker

The legal, and possibly, political position of Prime Minister Netanyahu took a turn for the worse, when his long-term confidant Nir Hefetz turned state’s witness in the ongoing investigations against the Prime Minister. Hefetz, who had been detained last week as part of the investigation into Case 4000, signed an agreement last night that will allow him to avoid any jail time. In return, Hefetz has proffered extensive information on both Case 4000 and other cases that have yet to be fully explored. Hefetz is also going to provide testimony on cases involving interference by members of the Netanyahu family on issues of national security. Supposedly Netanyahu made those decisions against the advice of the entire national security establishment, due to pressure exerted by his wife and son.  Hefetz becomes the fourth defendant in the ongoing probes to become a witness for the state. Prevailing wisdom contends that Hefetz's testimony may be the most damaging to Netanyahu. In addition, Hefetz is also said to possess tapes of some of his conversations with the Prime Minister — exactly how damaging the tapes might remains unknown.  

Events of the day became unreal when Prime Netanyahu went to the White House to meet Present Trump. Netanyahu — in the open press session — compared Trump to Cyrus the Great, for recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.  He invited Trump to be present when the Embassy in Jerusalem is opened in May.  What makes this particularly interesting is that should be right in the middle of Netanyahu's re-election campaign. A week ago, an official from the Yesh Atid party told me that Netanyahu was in bed with the Haredim, who would create a crisis over the draft legislation. Netanyahu would then refuse to give in, claiming "he would not endanger the security of Israel" and then call for new elections, before the attorney general recommends his indictment. Then, if he reelected, Netanyahu will state —even if I am indicted, the people have spoken, and I do not have to resign.

So far, everything the Yesh Atid official said a week ago has taken place. The only wrinkle for Netanyahu may be that the dirt Hefez might have against him is so explosive that it might finally pierce the support that Netanyahu has successfully maintained to this point.