Major Events in Israel and the Middle East November 2012

Updated a couple of times of the week this update covers the most important events taking place in Israel and the Middle East. It is authored by Marc Schulman- You can share the direct URL

By Marc Schulman

November 29, 2012 -Palestinians Gain State Observer Status at UN

November 27, 2012 -Political Upheaval in Israel- Protest Grow in Egypt

November 25, 2012 -Morsi Seizes More Power, Israel Missile Test Successful

November 21, 2012 -Ceasefire After Bus Bombing

November 19, 2012 -Day Six - Missile Fire Down, Ceasefire May Be Near

November 17, 2012 -Day Four of Pillar of Defense- New Iron Dome Deployed to Tel Aviv Shoots Down Incoming Missile

November 15, 2012 -Day Two of Pillar of Defense- Hamas Tries to Strike Tel Aviv

November 14, 2012 - Israel Kills the Military Commander of Hamas

November 12, 2012 - Rockets in South and Mortars in the North

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