Major Events in Israel and the Middle East October 2012

Updated a couple of times of the week this update covers the most important events taking place in Israel and the Middle East. It is authored by Marc Schulman- You can share the direct URL

September 27, 2012-No War this Fall- Netanyau Speaks at the UN as Only He Can For Better or Worse

September 23, 2012-Israeli Border Attacked Soldier Killed, New Iranian Threats

September 12, 2012-American Embassy Stormed in Cairo, Attacked in Benghazi- Possibly By Al Qaeda on 9/11

September 11 , 2012-Relations Between Netanyahu Administration and Obama Administration Hit New Low

September 9 , 2012-Rockets on the South, Economic Turmoil in the West Bank, Maariv Sold

September 5 , 2012-Security Cabinet Meeting Held then... Olmert Sentencing Hearing
Refugees on the Border


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