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Major Events in Israel and the Middle East
A Daily Analysis
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By Marc SchulmanGo To Blog Version With RSS Feed

January 30, 2012- Tal Law Dies, Assad's Wife Tries to Flee?

January 29, 2012- Turmoil in Prime Minister's Office, Tal Law Extension, The Last Days of the Assad Regime?

January 24, 2012- Europe Takes Strong Action Against Iran, Syria: the Bloodshed Continues

January 22, 2012- Soldiers Can't Travel on Trains on Sunday Morning, Muslim Clerics Call for the Death of Jews?

January 16, 2012- Hacker Attack on Israeli Sites, Local Government Strike, Tensions Over Hormuz?

January 11, 2012- Another Iranian Scientist Killed, Ethiopian Jews and Discrimination?

January 8, 2012- Yair Lapid to Enter Politics-Free Education for 3-4 Year Olds

January 4, 2012- Actions Against Iran, Charedim vs Secular, Coalition Difficulties

January 1, 2012- Charedim Demonstrate, Killing Continues in Syria

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