-- January 11, 2012- Another Iranian Scientist Killed, Ethiopian Jews and Discrimination?

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Israel Update
A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

January 11, 2012- Another Iranian Scientist Killed, Ethiopian Jews and Discrimination?

Another Iranian scientist was killed this week. This time, the Iranians admitted the assassination occurred and blamed Israel for the attack. It's clear that someone is systematically killing Iranians scientists. Fourth Iranian scientists have already been killed. Will the elimination of these scientists, coupled with the other underground actions stop the Iranian nuclear program? Probably not. However, the program's progress has certainly been slowed. Iran expected to be much further with its nuclear program. This is what all the earlier analysis predicted. Now, it appears the sustained efforts have suddenly, and finally born some fruit.

In the past week attention has been directed towards discrimination directed against the Ethiopian Jewish community in Israel. First, let's be frank. Discrimination against Ethiopians clearly exists in Israel. In addition, it is not clear if the situation of the Ethiopians is getting any better. The plight of the Ethiopians has probably not been helped by the addition of all the illegal migrants from Africa. These african migrants have overwhelmed places like South Tel Aviv in the past two years. However, today in the Knesset , the Minister of Absorption, (a member of Lieberman's "Israel Beyteinu" party) took the discourse to a new low. (Well I am not sure this represents a new low, since the day before yesterday another member of Lieberman's party threw a cup of water at an Arab member of the Knesset). The minister stood up in the Knesset and told the Ethiopians they should simply stop complaining. Furthermore, the minister added that she had been an immigrants, and immigrant should be thankful to Israel for taking them in.

I must say that the Absorption Ministry, under the supervision of Sofa Landver seems to reflects her views. In the past three months, our family has had to deal with a large cross section of the Israeli bureaucracy. Although there have been some challenges, we found that in almost every case people were sympathetic. The various ministry employees tried to be helpful. They did their best to solve each problem. The place we have repeatedly found the most difficulty, and the least helpful has been the Ministry of Absorption. (Though, so far our problems have been dealt with). The ministry seems to have picked up the attitude of its Minister: Immigrants should be thankful we let them in to Israel.

A friend posted a link to this interview with the noted Israeli historian, Yehuda Bauer, by, of all places, Aljazeera

I must say, I have read many of his books over the years. However, I had never heard him speak in person until two weeks ago (when he spoke at the commermoration for "Moreshet", a Journal of Holocaust studies.) It was one of the most brilliant lectures I remember hearing. In it, Bauer covered two very important topics: "Why did World War II happen?" He maintains WWII happened because Hitler wanted to destroy the Jews; and "Could America really do anything to stop the Holocaust?" Bauer believes that answer is "No".

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