-- January 30, 2012- Tal Law Dies, Assad's Wife Tries to Flee?

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Israel Update
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By Marc Schulman

January 30, 2012- Tal Law Dies, Assad's Wife Tries to Flee?

Today was the day the "Tal Law" officially came to an end. Prime Minister Netanyahu announced to a group of protesting veterans, that he no longer supports the extension of the Tal Law, but something has to come in its place, so as not to divide the nation. Six months exists before the law ends. What can come in place of the Tal Law is very unclear. For the first time in a long time Charedi coalition members found themselves alone, with no support for passage of one of their most important laws. 

In Syria, Assad's troops seem to be fighting back and regaining some of the ground they lost around the capital yesterday. But many think this is just a short term victory. There are a number of accounts that Assad's wife tried to leave yesterday for the safety of exile, but the rebels cut off the route to the airport, trapping her in Damascus, for the moment. The future is clear. From what we are seeing in Lebanon, politicians are scrambling to try to position themselves for a Lebanon that is no longer dominated by Assad and the Syrians.

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