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Major Events in Israel and the Middle East
A Daily Analysis
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By Marc SchulmanGo To Blog Version With RSS Feed

February 29, 2012- The Connection Between the Rise in Gas Prices and the End of the Army Exemption for the Extremely Religious

February 22, 2012- Netanyahu Blames the Messengers, Tal Decision Impact, Pyramids in the Israeli Economy

February 21, 2012- Tal Law Illegal Say Supreme Court, According to Muslim Brotherhood Iran is a Bigger Threat than Israel

February 19, 2012- Zakaria and Other Do Not Understand Iran's Threat, US and Israel on Iran, Prime Minister Closest Advisor Resigns

February 15, 2012- Iran Show Off Nuclear Acheivments While Fails in Terror Attack- J- Street Sends Destructive E-Mail

February 13, 2012- Israeli Diplomats Targeted, Arab League United Against Assad

February 12, 2012- National Strike Ends, Syria, Gaza Goes Dark

February 6, 2012- More Killing in Syria, Hysteria Over Potential Israeli Attack on Iran

February 5, 2012 Syria, What it Means and Why it is Important

February 2, 2012- 200,000 Missiles Pointed At Israel? The Implications of the Egyptian Soccer Tragedy

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