-- February 13, 2012- Israeli Diplomats Targeted, Arab League United Against Assad

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Israel Update
A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

February 13, 2012- Israeli Diplomats Targeted, Arab League United Against Assad

Israeli diplomats were targets of terror attacks today in New Delhi and Tbilsi, the capital of Georgia. In New Delhi a motorcyclist came up to the car of the wife of an Israeli Defense Ministry Representative and placed a bomb on the car. That bomb exploded and injured the woman. This method of targeted assassination was very similar to the methods used in Teheran to kill Iranian scientists. In Tbilsi, a non-Israeli employee of the Israeli embassy discovered a bomb attached to the undercarriage of his car, as he checked the vehicle prior to getting in. It is not yet definitively known who carried out these attacks. However, obvious candidates to have perpetrated the attacks are some combination of Iran and Hezbollah.

Hezbollah has promised to avenge the assassination of Imad Mughniyeh, their former Chief of Operations, who was killed four years ago yesterday. To date they have not succeeded in implementing any major operation. The Iranians have been promising a response to the assassination of their scientists. It's really irrelevant who exactly was responsible for today's attacks, since Iran and Hezbollah work together very closely. Hezbollah is in particularly difficult straits at this time, with its major sponsor, Assad, on the ropes. Hezbollah clearly fears the likelihood of losing its position in Lebanon, with the loss of it patron.

In Lebanon there is a hope that with the fall of Assad, Lebanon will finally be free. The Lebanese hope for freedom is tempered with the fear that the country will descend into a new round of Civil War.

Meanwhile, the Arab League has now taken the unprecedented step of calling for military intervention against the Assad government. Any fa├žade of the Arab League staying neutral with regard to Syria is now gone. The Arab League is now fully united against Assad. The Sunni states are making their stand against any sign of Shiite influence. Of course there is only one Shiite state in the Middle East, and that is Iran

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