Major Events in Israel and the Middle East October 2012

Updated a couple of times of the week this update covers the most important events taking place in Israel and the Middle East. It is authored by Marc Schulman- You can share the direct URL

October 28, 2012-Fallout From Lieberman and Netanyahu Combination. 17 Year After the Murder of Rabin

October 25, 2012-Lieberman and Netanyahu Combine Forces

October 24, 2012-Iron Dome Proves It Worth as 80 Rockets Strike the South

October 16, 2012-Deri Returning to Politics, Jews Probably the Minority Between the Mediterranean and the Jordan

October 14, 2012-Exchange of Fire With Gaza, Cyberattack and Election News

October 9, 2012-Netanyahu Calls For New Elections

October 2, 2012-Elections in February or March, Sanctions May Actually be Working, Shai Agassi Fired From Company He Started

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