October 9, 2012-Netanyahu Calls For New Elections Marc Schulman

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Israel Update
A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

October 9, 2012-Netanyahu Calls For New Elections

Prime Minister Netanyahu has called for new elections. This comes as no surprise. It also makes total sense from his perspective. There is no reason to believe Netanyahu will not be reelected with the Likud being the largest bloc. The reasons are clear. Things have been quiet, with regard to security. Despite some small hiccups, the economy has been doing reasonable well. Somehow all of the social protests of last summer, and the protest over not drafting the Haredim have petered out as well. The opposition seems filled with feckless leaders- so much so that I frankly have not a clue who will get my vote. To be honest, I had hoped to become involved in some political campaign this time around. However it is pretty hard to choose a campaign to help champion when you have no idea who you want to win.

Of course the tragedy of our present government is that none of our long-term problems are being addressed. We are living in a small bubble in time that makes everything seem fine. Though sadly, as the famous Disney song cautions us to what lies "just around the river bend.... "

It's actually strange and sobering that the American political campaign will have been fought over more substantive issues of policy and vision than I fear our election here will be.

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