France Government  




France is a democracy with a President as chief of state. He appoints the Prime Minister and can dissolve the parliament. France has a bicameral parliament, with the National Assembly the stronger part.
President Chirac, Jacques
Prime Minister De Villepin, Dominique
Min. of Agriculture, Food, Fisheries, and Rural Affairs Gaymard, Herve
Min. of Civil Service, State Reform, and Regional Development Delevoye, Jean-Paul
Min. of Culture & Communication Aillagon, Jean-Jacques
Min. of Defense and War Veterans Alliot-Marie, Michele
Min. of Ecology and Sustainable Development Bachelot-Narquin, Roselyne
Min. of Economy, Finances, and Industry Mer, Francis
Min. of Equipment, Transport, Housing, Tourism and the Sea de Robien, Gilles
Min. of Foreign Affairs de Villepin, Dominique
Min. of Health, the Family, and the Handicapped Mattei, Jean-Francois
Min. of the Interior, Internal Security, and Local Liberties Sarkozy, Nicolas
Min. of Justice Perben, Dominique
Min. of Overseas Territories Girardin, Brigitte
Min. of Social Affairs, Labor, and Solidarity Fillon, Francois
Min. of Sports Lamour, Jean-Francois
Min. of Youth, National Education, and Research Ferry, Luc
Min. Del. for the Budget Lambert, Alain
Min. Del. for Cooperation and Francophone Affairs Wiltzer, Pierre-Andre
Min. Del. for European Affairs Lenoir, Noelle
Min. Del. for Foreign Trade Loos, Francois
Min. Del. for the Family Jacob, Christian
Min. Del. for Industry Fontaine, Nicole
Min. Del. for Local Liberties Devedjian, Patrick
Min. Del. for Parity and Professional Equality Ameline, Nicole
Min. Del. for Research and New Technologies Haignere, Claudie
Min. Del. for Schools Darcos, Xavier
Min. Del. for Towns and Urban Renewal Borloo, Jean-Louis
Sec. of State for the Disabled Boisseau, Marie-Therese
Sec. of State for the Elderly Falco, Hubert
Sec. of State for the Fight Against Poverty and Social Exclusion Versini, Dominique
Sec. of State for Foreign Affairs Muselier, Renaud
Sec. of State for the Justice Ministry Property Program Bedier, Pierre
Sec. of State for Relations with Parliament and Spokesman for the Government Cope, Jean-Francois
Sec. of State for Small and Medium Enterprises, Commerce, and Artisans, Professional Occupations, and Consumer Affairs Dutreil, Renaud
Sec. of State for State Reform Plagnol, Henri
Sec. of State for Sustainable Development Saifi, Tokia
Sec. of State for Tourism Bertrand, Leon
Sec. of State for Transport and the Sea Bussereau, Dominique
Sec. of State for War Veterans Mekachera, Hamlaoui
Governor, Bank of France Trichet, Jean-Claude
Ambassador to the US Levitte, Jean-David
Permanent Representative to the UN, New York Rochereau de la Sabliere, Jean-Marc