History Of Aviation

The Golden Years

Aircraft Sink Battleship
Shenandoah Launched
Afro-American Women Flies
1st US Aircraft Carrier Launched
Coast to Coast Under a Day
Around the World Flight
Air Mail Contracts Given
US Airship Shenandoah Crashes
Doolitle Wins the Schneider
Ford Trimotor Introduced
Wasp Motor Developed
Lindbergh Flies Across Atlantic
French Cross South Altantic
Earhart First Woman to Fly Atlantic
Flight From South American to Australia
Wiley Post Sets New Round the World Record
Earhart Sets New Record
Doolittle Seizes Speed Record
Launch of Boeing 247
TWA Takes Delivery of DC-1
Air Mail Contract Suspended
DC-2 Enters Service
United Aircraft Split- Airmail Contracts Issued
Earhart First Woman to Cross the Pacific
Howard Hughes Slashes Speed Record
Italians Use Air Power in Ethiopia
DC-3 Introduced
Pan Am Begins Service to Manila
USS Macon Crashes
Hughes Crosses US in Under 10 Hours
US Navy Buys Consolidated PBY
Air Tactics in Spain
US Army Receives First B-17
Hindenburg Blows Up
Amelia Earhart Lost
Hughes Sets New Around the World Record
DC-4 Flown for the First Time
Boeing Flies Stratoliner
Passenger Service Across the Atlantic
Germans Test New Plane
P38 Crosses US 7 Hours 2 Minutes
Igor Sikorsky Flies a Helicopter